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Why use an accredited security installer for your home or business in 2019?

Security systems including burglar alarms, fire alarms and CCTV solutions are now widely available from a variety of businesses, both online and on the high street.

These items can vary widely in cost and in quality, with consumers often unsure of what exactly they are buying, who they are buying from, and how or if it complies with insurance and policing protocols.

Undoubtedly, when a security purchase for your home or business is being made, consideration will be given to a number of factors including cost, reliability, or perceived quality. However, in the current climate of fast deals, sales and low-cost online deals, one factor which should have a profound influence on such purchasing decisions is accreditation.

If a customer can easily identify a reputable authority (NSI or SSAIB) has accredited a security installer or business, this will develop trust, and our industry is one which thrives on trust.

Across the industry, it is accepted that accreditation helps in building trust with customers. Yet there are always further opportunities to explain to customers exactly why they should opt for an accredited security provider.

As opposed to simply telling customers that the business is NSI Gold accredited (the highest level of accreditation, as held by ESS), security installers/engineers should convey what the tangible benefits are.

Rogue sellers and questionable businesses were once relatively commonplace within the security industry, however, the work of accrediting bodies has ensured that standards have improved significantly, however, communicating the important nature of accreditation is still as vital as ever.

What accreditation should customers be looking for?

At ESS, for example, we are NSI Gold accredited, we gained this accreditation via an independent certification body which monitors organisations providing security systems and services, fire detection and alarm systems, manned security services and monitoring services.

Key points that your customers will want to know about

When using a company who is accredited by an assessing body for the Approved Contractor Scheme (SSAIB for example), the customer can feel reassured the company:

  • Follows health and safety regulations
  • uses appropriately vetted staff;
  • has competent management and staff;
  • has the appropriate insurance cover for the type of work they carry out;
  • follows best-practice security standards along with following both British and EU codes of practice;
  • has premises that are appropriate for the type of security service they provide
  • staff carry SIA identification cards, and
  • that they undergo twice yearly inspections to ensure they meet the expected standards.

Altogether the above points mean that the accredited company will be:

  • using only professionals who can be trusted with the handling of anything regarding security;
  • installing compliant alarm and security systems that do not compromise a site’s security or contradict UK and EU codes of practice,
  • and able to complete work to a standard that meets the customer’s expectations and needs.

At ESS we work to make sure all of our customer facing staff are familiar with the benefits of accreditation and ensure they are confident in communicating these to the customer. That often means that they need to be confident to explain in simple terms, how accreditation directly affects the quality of security they will receive.

Next time you are investing in a security system, it’s worth giving strong consideration to looking out for accreditation, it might just be the difference in purchasing a quality product which protects your assets in the long term, or one which could have issues from day one.

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