Reliable, efficient and secure IT Systems are critical to modern day business operations.

At ESS we can manage your IT Services through offering live 24/7 strategic support, advice and guidance on your infrastructure through the supply, installation and implementation of hardware and software systems. This in turn enables your business to perform essential tasks effectively, efficiently, free from hassle and from third party cyber threats.

We currently service the needs of both large businesses and SMEs and can cater for all your IT requirements.

Our main services include;

  • IT Support
  • Hardware & Software supply and installation
  • External Server provision
  • Infrastructure design
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Offsite Backup

As more of our physical world becomes digital, crime that was once rooted in “the real world” has become prevalent in cyberspace.
From the hacking of business websites to malware spread and cyber attacks, the world of security is changing rapidly.

At ESS, we cater for both your physical and digital safety.

Our mission has always been to protect home and business security- as crime evolves so must prevention and detection.

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