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ESS are a leading designer and installer of CCTV systems.

IP (Internet Protocol) based systems now make up over 80% of all video solutions we install and the possibilities of this technology are potentially limitless. Many systems are installed with a minimum of 1080P or 4K resolution and advancements in video compression technology have kept pace, ensuring that a minimum of 4 weeks footage retention is as affordable as ever.

For upgrades of existing systems, HD-TVI technology allows us to install Full HD systems while retaining existing coaxial cabling. This allows us to provide a particularly cost effective solution in the least possible time and with minimum disruption to your business or home.

Systems are installed to the National Security Inspectorate’s code of practice for CCTV systems – NCP104.

ESS have also become the first company in Northern Ireland to successfully install systems to the rigorous standard BS8418:2015. This standard covers the installation and remote monitoring of detector activated CCTV systems, a highly effective alternative to costly manned guarding.

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