Integrated Systems

ESS are a solutions focused company. Our approach has and will always be to utilise the latest technology and to apply this in an intelligent way so that we provide a comprehensive solution that meets our clients’ needs. Often, this cannot be achieved by using a single type of system. Integrating multiple systems allows us to combine benefits of each generating considerably better results.

Here’s an example of our integrated system approach:

The scenario:
A shopping centre is having nuisance false alarm caused by youths maliciously setting off fire alarm call points. The centre must be evacuated resulting in a considerable loss of revenue for tenants or they must implement a delay policy which may have health and safety implications.

The ESS integrated solution:
The centre’s CCTV and fire alarm system are integrated through a single easy to use graphical platform and display. When the fire alarm activates, a Pan/ Tilt/ Zoom camera homes in on the alarming device allowing security staff to rapidly verify the cause of the activation.

The result:
The centre is only evacuated in a genuine emergency saving considerable time and revenue for both tenants and centre staff.

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