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With 50 years’ experience in the residential security sector, ESS is one of the largest privately owned security providers in the region. At ESS we understand the need to keep your family and your home safe and secure. While making sure that we remain true to our family values of honesty and responsibility, we work hard to provide home security solutions that support your lifestyle.

Systems are designed, not only to ensure the best level of security, but also with ease of use in mind. For example, your home intruder alarm and CCTV systems can now be viewed and controlled by an app on your smartphone. Further options can include the control of heating or external lighting and monitoring of other important equipment such as carbon monoxide or flood detection.

Concerned about unsightly cabling? You need not worry. ESS can provide wireless, hard wired or hybrid solutions that are tailored to your home and needs. Our ISO9001 and NSI Gold accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality and service.

Our monitoring options provide further peace of mind for protection against security and safety risks. Whether you’re away on holiday or sleeping upstairs, you can rest easy knowing that should your system detect a threat, it can rapidly alert the keyholder, police or fire services.

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