Perimeter Intruder Detection (PIDS)

For sites that require an enhanced level of protection, an ESS Perimeter Intruder Detection System will provide a constant watch on your site’s perimeter and offer the capability of early detection should there be a breach.

ESS have experience in deploying free standing, barrier mounted, ground based and wide area PIDS in various scenarios such as national infrastructure, high security commercial and residential locations. Each system goes through an intensive design process factoring in the physical requirements, environmental analysis and performance/ verification requirements before moving to installation, testing and commissioning stages.

Systems can be integrated with IP or thermal imaging CCTV systems for detection with video analytics and visual verification either locally or off site at our NSI Gold Catagory II monitoring station.

ESS are particularly experienced in the deployment of Senstar microphonic based systems, Gallagher electric fence systems and Avigilon Rialto video analytics systems.

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