How can modern security evolve to beat crime?

Latest PSNI crime statistics (from March 2020) show an increase of 7.7% in recorded offences when compared with the same period for the previous 12 months, continuing the overall increase seen during 2018/19.

An increase in robberies, thefts and violence represented key contributions, with the hacking of both personal and business servers also playing a significant role in the overall rise of recorded crimes.

As a response to this increase from crime moving from the streets into our personal data spaces, a ‘Cyber Security Centre’ was officially launched in Belfast in February, aiming to provide advice and guidance to citizens and businesses to help them become more cyber resilient. This is a welcome move, and one which needs to be supplemented by businesses and their employees.

Cybercrime undoubtedly creates an international challenge for Northern Ireland homes and businesses, with threats coming from further afield than ever before.

The threat of malware and cyberattacks continues to grow in prevalence, with 2018 figures showing a 63% growth in business cybercrime.

However, the good news is that through proactive security implementation, there are various methods to keep your home and business safe in this digital age.

Jumping on the cloud

There are a number of security-related benefits for taking your business onto the cloud.

One of the main benefits is that reputable cloud providers, such as ourselves will continually keep cloud systems and software updated.

As your business data will be stored in a different location with added security measures – like automatic backups and round-the-clock surveillance – it is also better protected from a physical point of view.

However, with increasing infrastructure comes increased complexity and reduced visibility into your network and its endpoints. One method for mitigating this risk is through the implementation of software automation, which is emerging as a quality solution, as it is capable of simplifying and speeding up crucial response times for security systems.

Utilise automation

For many businesses, automation already has an integral role to play in day-to-day operations. Whether it’s keeping finances in order or tackling monotonous, data driven tasks, automation can help a company save an extensive amount of time and resources.

That said, automation is not usually looked at when it comes to security. That will soon change. Not only does it eliminate the threat of human error, cybersecurity automation can collect data in a faster and efficient manner.

Monitoring physical activity

While cyberattacks, understandably, receive a primary focus these days, it is imperative your business never overlooks the possibility of offline attacks. Even if you use the cloud, your physical business premises could still store data or possessions that attacker’s desire.

Consequently, technology in the form of access control systems, modern CCTV systems, and monitored alarms should be used to protect your premises, people and assets.

At ESS we are increasingly providing holistic online and offline security packages for clients, as they seek to mitigate modern business and domestic risks.

The integration of physical packages including CCTV and intruder alarms alongside a robust cybersecurity system is a trend we expect to grow significantly in the coming years.

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